Subject: From Rome airport to Siena by car
Hi Ziners, I'm trying to help a very dear friend of mine with this but it seems I'm not a very good unpaid travel agent! There seems to be a ring road from the airport that avoids going into Rome and I wonder if anyone has personal knowledge of any pitfalls to watch out for. Also, it seems to be too far to drive in one day so I'm looking for suggestions of a place to overnight on the way. From reading the archives, I would say Orvieto or Assisi would be great places to visit but they are looking for somewhere to simply rest before moving on, I believe. And Perhaps those 2 towns are a little out of the way, what do you think?.

They are staying just outside Sienna in a Villa for a week and will day trip from there.

On their return, they will be in Rome for just 3 days and tell me they'd like to stay in the Spagna area which is a mystery to me! Does anyone know what they mean and if so any ideas of hotels in the area (mid price around 100 to 150 euros). Of course there are loads of suggestions in the archives for Rome Hotels but this Spagna has me stymied!

Many many thanks for any help I can get.

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC0