Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Sienna by car

I have made the drive several times from Rome to in the vicinity of Siena. It definitely does not require an overnight stay. The times from the Via Michelin site might be optimistic for a non-Italian driver, but it certainly will not take any more than four hours, and that is moving at a very slow pace. More likely between three and three and one-half hours.

There are two routes to get there. Before telling you which to take, let me know what is the nearest town. Is it north/south/east/west of Siena? Also, at what time of the day are they arriving? Some things are more difficult at night if you are unfamiliar with the roads and with the signs.

As to staying in the area of the Piazza di Spagna, I do not know of hotels in the area, but I would not choose to stay there. It is a very busy and noisy area. The hotel Don and Linda stay in is in a wonderful, quiet neighborhood, but a little bit away from the main tourist areas. In reality, Rome is not that big of a city, and anyone who is accustomed to walking a bit can walk almost anywhere.

I recommend the Touring Club of Italy maps. If your friends are only visiting Rome and Tuscany, they only need Central Italy. There is a fairly good map of Rome, too, but it can be difficult to drive there.

If you let us know more, we can probably help.

Lisa in Chicago