Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Siena by car
Hi Everyone,

Once again, just great information from Ziners (my friend is more than a little impressed)

Lisa, they arrive at 3.30pm into Rome and are heading right into Siena or at least just about 6km South of the City.Brenda, my friend, is a bit concerned that especially at that time of day the ring road might be very busy, based on experiences in England when taking similar routes from Heathrow. What do you think? They were in Siena a few years ago and enjoyed it and found it very central. This time they are returning with 2 adult sons!

Lucy, I spoke to Brenda about Spoleto and she feels it may be exactly what they want. The Hotel Gattapone sounds wonderful from your description. I don't know about the price though!! Did you happen to see anywhere else that could be a possibility in Spoleto.

Best regards and thanks

Judy Abbotsford BC