Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Siena by car
Hello Judy,

Yes, sometimes the G.R.A. ring road around Rome can be busy. One thing to point out that I remember from summer 2002: on the G.R.A. there are signs well in advance giving the exit number for Autostrada A1 to Firenze; let's say the exit number is 10 (I don't remember). At a certain point there's a sign saying that traffic for exits 7-10 needs to take a preliminary exit to a collector road; otherwise they'll stay in the express lanes and miss the exit.

My experience with hotels in the Spagna area of Rome is too far in the past to be useful; one site to try is the booking site . You can get a list of bookable hotels in the Spagna area with user reviews. You can also use this site for Spoleto and other places. Note that if, for instance, you ask for a rate quote for a three-night stay, it will come back with the total for three nights, not the rate per night.

Andrew Missouri