Subject: Australia car hire / import goods / Elvis
Dear Ziners,

Last time I hired a car in Sydney it was Hertz because of the location (right near the hotel) and mileage. You've got to watch the restrictions/exclusions like anywhere else. Apart from the airport, the Sydney Visitors Centre at 106 George St, Rocks has a free phone for selected firms, including renta-wrecks.

As a sample from last year: Bayswater car rental, 6-21 days, Toyota Corolla sedan auto 1.8ltr new AUD$27/day, 1 year old new AUD$24 100km free /day, AUD$6/day to reduce insurance excess to AUD$200 (Toyota Corolla sedan manual 1.8ltr new AUD$21, 1 year old new AUD$18).

Customs/imports: anything banana, including (deepfried banana chips); Honey - even from NZ; wooden stuff e.g. chopsticks; usual suspects like hides, feathers, raw/uncooked food.

Anyone got any news / stories about Las Vegas Elvis Weddings? Thanks.

Happy travels, Stewart, London