Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Siena by car

the Rome ring road aka GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) is famous for its terrible traffic jams at peak hour. Said so, since you can't avoid it, my suggestion is to gen into the traffic flow and follow the pace; eventually you'll get to the right exit for A1 direction Firenze (North). Peak hour starts at about 6 pm and ends after 8pm. Considering an almost inexperienced American driver on Tuscan backroads at night, I'd suggest to take it easy and stop in Orvieto, which is a great place just off the A1 autostrada. Other interesting places like Spoleto are way off the autostrada, and driving those minor roads at dusk could just be too demanding. I strongly advise against taking the coastal road SS1, as it isn't a real motorway, even where it has a median divide, because it can be dangerous for heavy traffic and the speed limit. Just to remeber everyone the speed limits in Italy: 130 kph on motorways (marked with a A and a number) 110 kph on motorways without toll booths (marked S.G.C. like the Firenze-Livorno) 90 kph on all state road (SS) including the SS1 and the Firenze-Siena 50 kph in town (even on state roads going across it)

Italian drivers often get well over the limit (less now because of the introduction of bonus points for the driving license) but any foreigner should just keep to the limit to avoid being caught and pay heavy fines. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy