Subject: Re: Asolo, Italy and Palladio
Hello Georgia

probably Asolo looks very close to Venice on a small-scale map, but it's an hour and a half drive from there via Treviso on minor roads. A more appropriate base to see the villas would have been Padova or Vicenza but, if you don't mind at all driving on backroads, you can do it there. There are three main areas with Palladio mansions: the Brenta river shores between Venice and Padova, around Vicenza and near Treviso. Some are open to the public, some can be seen from the road. You can certainly from Asolo visit Padova (1 hour's drive) or Verona (2 hours), just keep well clear of the motorway at the Mestre hub, where you can get stuck for hours for a few kms' worth.


Paolo Trieste, Italy