Subject: Re: Hotel - Melbourne, Australia
Hi Candice, I haven't abandoned you re: the Blue Mountains, just been away in Queensland for several weeks and only back today.

The of the oldest hotels in Melbourne, I haven't stayed there in 15 years or so. I remember my room was very small, but that may have been because I only needed a single and it was a late booking. This is a Melbourne landmark and has always had a reputation for excellence. I'll check out it's latest ranking. Haven't stayed at Como but I think it is another historic home converted into a boutique hotel. If it's the place I remember, it's also stunning.

As for your earlier thread re: Sydney restaurants, the Good Food Guide was released last week and there are a swag of new 3, 2 and 1 hat restaurants. I think I mentioned marque in an earlier posting. We went there last November when still rated as a single hat. It is now a 3. One of my all time stand out meals (we had the degustation menue). I will write you a report on all the new places to consider.

As for the Blue Mountains, you need to let me know when you want to fit them in. Do you also want to include the Genolan Caves in that day trip?

Cheers, Gavin