Subject: Re: Playacar
Buenos dias, Ziners:

We have a four-day weekend in Oct & a couple of $50 companion tix on Alaska Airlines, so we've booked a quick getaway to Cancun: myself, my son, dil & Most Precious Grandchild, Kylie, who is 5.

I love the Playacar area for just relaxing & we're trying for a decent all-inclusive rate at the Viva Azteca (love all the Italians there). I hope to get in a dive, but that may be pushing the tables given our air schedule.

Since Kylie's been to Oz 7 times & Italy once, traveling is no big deal to her, but I want her to get an easy intro to Mexican culture & history. She's slated for Spanish Immersion School next year & can speak a little Spanish already (I'm fluent & use the language with her all the time).

But I haven't been to Playacar for several years. What about a visit to Xcaret? Is it just too touristy to stand? Tulum isn't the same since you can't prowl the site on your own, but we'll go there anyway. Is Coba still worth it?

Gail In Eugene but never for long