Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Siena by car
Ciao Ziners!

Rome to Siena is easily doable in less than a day, probably a half day if one does not include fighting his or her way out of Roma. :) Once on the autostrada driving in Italy is a pleasure. I had thought that driving in the small and medium towns of Italy would also not be difficult, but I learned my lesson on a recent trip. The small narrow roads of small-town Italy can be as difficult as any in Rome or Florence. And I never quite figured out the direction signs that Italians put up. We got better at figuring out what the signs meant as time wore on, but we were still fooled from time to time.

Maps?? What can I say. I think some of the Italian maps were made up by people who never drove the roads and drank too much vino. While better than nothing, they are not to be relied up like one would a map from the AAA in the USA. On more than one occasion I parked the car and walked around with the map asking directions, and found that the map was wrong.

But enough of negative comments. Italy and Italians are delightful. Take is slow and easy and things will work out. We always got to to our destination safely.

Paul Seattle