Subject: Re: From Rome airport to Sienna by car
Hi Judy I'm with Paolo. You don't say what time of day your friends arrive in Rome. If it is first thing in the morning, then there is plenty of time to drive to Siena.

Further to Paolo's comments on peak hour on the motorway:
>From Leonard da Vinci, take the motorway toward Rome. Transfer to the ring road (left) at Magliana (1km), then pass La Pisana (3km), Pescaccio (2km), Aurelia (3km), Boccea (3km), Cassia (12km) and Flaminia (6km) and then the A1 toward Firenze (3km). That's a total of approx. 33km on the ring road.

If they need to stop anywhere in transit to Siena, I would make it Orvieto. If they arrive in the morning, and want a special lunch on there first day, then it is I Seti Consoli in Orvieto. If they arrive in the afternoon and want somewhere to stay overnight, it's still Orvieto (and dinner at I Seti Consoli.) Cheers gavin (Sydney, Australia)