Subject: Southern Tuscany

We will be considering a few days (probably two or three) in the southern part of Tuscany.

We would love to hear all suggestions for a base in this area, preferably in a town, as we will be coming from a country house and would prefer the contrast. The house is outside of Firenze, and we will be making day trip, so we would prefer a base that is not an easy day trip from there, but further south.

We like art and architecture, churches, and food, of course. We won't visit wineries or do any wine-based activities, because we don't drink. While our tastes are expensive, our budget is very moderate, eliminating both hostels and luxury hotels as places to stay ;-). We will have a car. This trip will be in January, February, or early March.

So please, let the suggestions come! Where would you choose and why? Grazie, Debbie in Pittsburgh