Subject: Re: Southern Tuscany
Hello Debbie and Ziners

except for Siena (which actually isn't really Southern Tuscany) you can't find mid-sized towns down there. Arezzo is too close to Firenze, the Umbria towns are lovely but a bit off the way on secondary road. My suggestion would be then some large village, like Montepulciano, Cortona, Pitigliano or the much neglected (by tourists) Massa Marittima. Also Orvieto , whether it's Lazio and not Tuscany, would be a good place to stay. You have also to consider the time of the year (low season, short days) before choosing your stopover place on the way to Rome; in spring and summer everything is joyful and full of life, but I remember a February down there wandering around looking for an open hotel.... Maybe the best choice them would be Montepulciano or Orvieto, pretty tourist towns full of accomodations, restaurants and with a business going all year. Let me know if you want more details.


Paolo Trieste, Italy