Subject: Re: Alaska Marine Highway vs. cruise ships
Hi Paul,

I clicked on the link for the sternwheel ferry for the Alaskan inside passage and it started looking really interesting. I love the look of the ships and I love that because of the bow, passengers can go ashore in places that cruiseships often cannot. I also liked that it carries less passengers than most cruiseships.

That said, I think people should always read brochures very carefully. The average age of the passenger on these ships seems to be 70+ Their entertainment lists our music of the 30's 40's etc... Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against seniors. I enjoy the friendship of people in their 20's as well as in their 80's. However, as a 40ish couple, we'd be unhappy if almost everyone was over 70 and the music, entertainment, excurions, onboard activities and cuisine was geared toward them.

This looks like a great way to explore Alaska for the right person. Thanks for posting it.

Candice NYC