Subject: Re: Spain
Hi Barbara; I'm working on the assumption that your ship will stop in Motril for a short dockage, mainly to allow passengers to join shore excursions such as to Granada/Alhambra and then will continue on to dock overnight in Malaga where these passengers will rejoin the ship.

As with most cruises, shore excursions are often stringently organized to maximize time in port. This has its pros and cons but for the Alhambra excursion, I would strongly advise you to join a group rather than try this on your own given your time restraints. Admission to the Alhambra is carefully orchestrated with tickets not only timed as to general entrance (only so many entrances per half hour) but also each ticket specifies the access time to the Palaces. There is also a maximum number of visitors per day, so it's a gamble. Three hours is the minimum time suggested for your visit, but that only skims the surface.

It sounds as if you will dock overnight in Malaga, so getting back before those three whistles isn't an issue. Even so, for an initial visit, having all those niceties orchestrated allows for enjoying the day without the stress of managing all this on your own. Many tours also include a visit to the Albaicin (old Moorish quarter), lunch in Granada and highlights of the city. It will be a full day, but most assuredly worth the exhaustion and cost. It's on our list of definite have-to-go again places.

Enjoy your cruise! Anne, Burlington ON