Subject: Re: Alaska Marine Highway vs. cruise ships
Hi Candice,

If you want entertainment & dancing, etc., the Alaska Marine Highway is probably not for you. It is a no-nonsense, no-frills, doesn't pretend to be a cruise ship, working ferry system which transports many Alaskan & visitors to the various towns & isolated communities which can only be visited by boat or plane. I took the ferry in March & the cafeteria(you pay for what you select to eat) had good, simple meals & a variety of fresh produce for that time of year in an isolated area. But it was definitely not gourmet eating. In the summer I think there is a naturalist aboard to give lectures & discussions along the way. In the winter this is not provided. I met people of all ages & had many interesting discussions & the scenery is overwhelming. But, & a definite disclaimer, it can not be considered a cruise ship.

Carol Bailey enjoying fall in N. Idaho but wishing more of my tomatoes would ripen!