Subject: Re: Spain
Hi Ziners

Thanks to everyone - sorry I wasn't more specific. Yes Ann you're pretty correct on the timing. Our ship docks at Motril at 6.30 a.m. and sails at 7.30 a.m. for Malaga; arrives Malaga at 11 a.m. and sails from Malaga at 11 p.m. all on the same day. (This is on a Monday and I know some museums etc. are closed on a Monday - will have to look into that one). On checking the website more closely I find the cruise line offers what they call A transfer to certain cities - one of them being Granada and Alhambra Palace. It means the coach takes us from the ship, drops us off for 5 hours on our own and then has a pick-up point to take us back to the ship at Malaga. This sounds like the way to go for me but I know we'll get more info on the ship.

My travel companion will be the Eyewitness Travel Guide - Cruise Guide to Europe & The Med which I was lucky enough to pick up at a remainder shop.

Barbara Toronto