Subject: Re: Chicago art gallery GTG?

I'm going to be at the opening of a show of my father's art work in Chicago on Oct. 10. It isn't that comfortable for me to stand around with hardly anyone I know, and I'm thinking that it would be great to have the company of anyone from TheTravelzine who cared to go; I'll know of our common interests. You'll also get a chance to see my father's art work; for a sample, see . The opening is at the Sonia Zaks Gallery, 311 West Superior St., Suite 207, Chicago, Friday, Oct. 10 from 5 to 7.30 p.m.; I might not be there until 6 or so. I'd like to know whether to expect anyone; please write me privately at if you think you can make it. It would be nice to have a stand-up get-together of sorts; I expect to have family commitments for all meals during my short stay in Chicago, so I wouldn't be available for a traditional restaurant GTG.

Andrew Missouri