Subject: London and Paris questions
Hi Ziners, Two quick questions about London and Paris transportation. How difficult is it to ride the Tube and the Metro with luggage (3 bags--2 rolling/backpack bags and a garment bag)?

For instance, in Rome, I would NEVER again take a suitcase on the metro there. I made the mistake of putting a 24 inch Eagle Creek backpack on and getting on a bus in Rome and was almost crushed in the process, as people had no problem pushing a bag around, even if it was on my back.

So, we will be returning from Paris to London on the Eurostar on a Saturday morning in November, early (7:00 am). I am trying to figure out if I should splurge for a taxi from our hotel to Garde De Nord (train station) or go ahead and take the Metro.

Upon our arrival in London, we will need to go from the Waterloo station (where Eurostar arrives) to Piccadilly Station in order to catch the Heathrow Express to the airport. How feasible is it to take the Tube with luggage (3 bags) or are we better off going from one station to another by cab.

Thanks in advance for your always knowledgable help with this.

Jim in Redmond, WA