Subject: Re: Italy Information
Hi Domenico & Lucia-

I would love to see the notes from your trip in Italy. I am going to be there 0ct 9 to Oct 22, first in Florence (I thought for 3 nights staying at Hotel Casci, and thought I had given them my credit card info but apparently didn't. Now they only have a room Oct 10 & 11- not the 9th. I am flying into Rome on the 9th and meeting my daughter who is studying in Castigion Fiorentino. The plan was to meet in Florence- but now since at the moment I do not have a room for the night of the 9th I was thinking that I maybe I should try to find a room in Siena or some other small area for 1 night. I was not planning to rent a car- at least not for this part of the trip- but maybe I will need to?? We will be in Venice during the Biennale ( sp?) for the nights of Oct 12 to Oct 16 and then I am not sure where to go- she needs to be back at school on Monday the 20th so I wanted to go to places on sort of on the route between Venice and Casiglion Fiorentino- at least after visiting the small towns near Venice- Verona, Vincenza, Padua.

Sorry to be so last minute- If anyone else has suggestions please let me know. Meanwhile I am reading over the Italy comments already posted.


Sally Maslon