Subject: Re: San Miquel de Allende
Hi Maria,

Here are a few recommendations for your visit to San Miguel de Allende I've excerpted from a travelogue I wrote to TheTravelzine last November.:

On our full day in San Miguel de Allende we opted to visit a nature preserve and botanical garden called El Charco del Ingenio. We really enjoyed taking a hike through this park. It has a wonderful collection of cactuses and native plants, lots of bird life, and great views from the cliffside trails into the gorge, as well as nice views looking down on San Miguel. I highly recommend a visit to this sanctuary as a little respite from the shops and tourists in town. Taxi fare out to the park was $3. Taxis don't come by the sanctuary so we walked out to the road into town where we eventually flagged one down. We did pass by a couple who had elected to walk from town about a mile or more from the Jardín Principal. See the website for El Charco del Ingenio at:

Our last meal in San Miguel de Allende was enjoyed at Las Bugambilias another venerable restaurant (established in 1945) specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine. Here Sara was able to finally get her own plate of Chiles en Nogada thus satisfying her culinary desires for the trip. Myself, still recovering from my earlier headache, decided to eat light opting for a chicken soup and quesadillas. The previous night I was overjoyed to find corundas, a specialty tamale from Michoacán, on the menu at El Correo across from the post office.

John in San Diego