Subject: Point to Point Rail Tickets in France
Hi Ziners. I am attempting to get information on train travel in France. I have gone to both the French National Train site ( and Rail Europe, but can not seem to get the answer to my three question. Here they are:

My travel plans are to go from Charles de Gaulle on the TGV to Lyon - stay a few days, then take the TGV to Avignon. After a stay return by TGV to Paris.

Can I buy a ticket to Avignon with a stop in Lyon - for the price of a trip CDG-Avignon - or do I have to buy separate tickets? I am trying to see whether it would be worth buying a French Train pass. The passes seem to have a lot of supplemental charges that make them more expensive than at first glance, such as for reservations on the TGV, etc. Since I am not planning on a lot of travel, it seems that the rail passes are more expensive that just buying tickets for these trips.

Second, the French Train site is not clear on whether the senior fare is available to everyone over 60 or only someone holding a Senior Card. - I don't know if that means a separate special card or merely identification showing age.

Third, I will be traveling in late October - early November. I was assuming that I could wait to buy my tickets at CDG when I land? I would assume, perhaps in error, that train travel will not be heavy at that time of the year. This would eliminate worry over missed airline connections, late arrivals, etc.

Thanks for any info and advice.