Subject: Re: Point to Point Rail Tickets in France
Hi Mark,

Just a couple of points - first, you must pay the TGV reservation fee whether you buy tickets as you go or have a rail pass. The fee isn't that big - just a few euros.

Secondly, you can travel second class if you don't have a rail pass or off peak (quieter times of the day) or if you have a travelling companion, get a discount for two or more. These are all ways to save money.

I searched the SNCF Voyage for tickets after 10 am and here are the fares for Paris to Lyon (one way): full fare: 54.20 Eur, regular senior's discount (over 60) 40.60 Eur, and 27 Eur if you hold a one year Senior's pass. This is 2nd class. There is another fare (Prem) which is non-refundable and bookable over the net - 35 Eur.

The fare for seniors from Lyon to Avignon is 22.10 Eur.

Paris to Avignon for seniors is 46.50 Eur.

So you would save $18 USD if you could stop over for a few days in Lyon. Don't know if you can.

Frances Toronto, Canada