Subject: Re: Looking for website for airline information

Graziella, for open-jaw fares, I'm not aware of a way to find the lowest fares on the books and when they're available. To find the fares available for specific dates, use the multi-city option on Expedia or Travelocity. If, say, you were flying into London and out of Paris, you could use the flexible dates option for round trips to both places. On dates when the lowest fare is available for both places on the same airline, that might be your best chance to get the best open-jaw fare.

Candice, I'm not sure which site you were using where you were having trouble finding availability for the low fare. On Travelocity, the fares listed on the flexible date search are round trip fares. For international fares, I have indeed often found that lots of low fares are listed but it's impossible to find availability. For the $246 New York-Paris fare, I just chose the earliest dates on their calendar, going Nov. 5 and returning Nov. 11, and it was available; it came to $326 with taxes.

Andrew Missouri