Subject: Italy trip advices
Hello fellow travelers, Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Marco, thank you for the advice on the Tigullio peninsula. I admit I am not familiar with it, but I will begin my research today. Our plan is to definitely have a car for our trip, since I will be bringing my painting gear and will want to explore the surrounding countryside. My husband and I are really considering a lot of alternatives right now. Originally we thought to go back to the Lakes in Lombardia, since we will likely fly into Malpensa. A few years ago we visited Como and Garda, and my husband really loved them. They were very stunning and I loved the area too, but I really need to be in Tuscany to capture those scenes as well, so I was trying to think of some place with water that would be a little closer to the Tuscan landscape. That's why I was considering CT. My thought was to pick up the car once we left Cinque Terre and drive out to our Tuscan destination. But it sounds like I may actually have a car with Tigullio and fewer tourists, which is very appealing! I will check the Travelzine database as you suggested for some more itinerary ideas. Thanks again!

Best wishes, Jennifer Young