Subject: Re: paris - mobilis pass
Hey, Sheryl...

CDG is in transport zone 5. The zone 1-5 Mobilis pass costs EUR 12.00. The standard RER fare from CDG to Paris is EUR 7.60, so the Mobilis doesn't really serve much purpose unless you will be doing more Metro/RER travel that day. Even then, with a difference of 4.40 and one-off metro tickets going for 1.30 it would take four additional Metro trips to make the Mobilis pass pay off.

I think you would be better off paying the 7.60 on the RER and then, perhaps, buying a carnet of ten tickets at EUR 10.00 to use up until Monday, depending on how much travel you'll be doing; the individual tickets might actually be more cost effective.

You said carte orange will not be available until monday, but, in fact, it will be available on Friday; it just won't be usable until Monday.

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow