Subject: Italy Advice: Golfo Tigullio
Dear Jennifer,

Here is a recent article of mine that may help with your research for a pleasant and uncrowded hiking experience on the Italian Riviera.


I agree with Marco that the Cinque Terre hiking paths will have many more tourists than those of the Golfo Tigullio. Since this part of Liguria is one of my favorite places on earth, I encourage you to consider it. Cars are easy to keep in this area. Also, the drive to Tuscany is only about 1 hour longer than the drive from the CT, and certainly worth the time, IMHO.

If you are in need of a coastal area closer to Tuscany, you many want to consider Portovenere. You can boat (from Portovenere) or train (from La Spezia) into the Cinque Terre, but the paths from Portovenere, up above the sea, in the direction of the CT, are also spectacular, and much less crowded than the trails that connect the CT towns.

By the way, I liked your website.

Best Regards, Debbie in Pittsburgh