Subject: Re: Hotels in Rome
Hey Neal,

Regarding your hotel choices for Rome, I have never stayed at any of these particular hotels, but I can give some ideas about location.

Obviously, each of the areas you've listed has their advantages and disadvantages. Staying near the Spanish Steps will leave you closer to shopping and near the metro. Trastevere is more neighborhood-y, with alot of cafes and restaurants. It's an easy walk or light-rail ride to Largo Argentina, from where you can walk or catch the bus around the center of town. Being near the Coloseum will also put you near a metro stop and get you closer to the roman ruins. I would feel safe in any of those areas. Noise is relative, depending on the windows. We've stayed right on the Corse Vit. Eman. and had minimal noise due to great windows!

Of all the places we've stayed at in Rome, I like being in the center near Campo de' Fiori/Piazza Navonna, within walking distance of everything we want to see. My favorite place to relax after a day of wandering is at a corner cafe in front of the Pantheon as the sun is fading away.

Think of what you want to see or do the most. How comfortable are you taking the subway? (not a problem as long as you watch your pockets VERY carefully) Do you like walking alot? You have a week to explore, which is great! There's so much to see. Take time to enjoy the city itself. I would live there is I could...

Ciao, Kristy S.F.