Subject: Re: Auckland
Hi John,

You've obviously done a lot of research and have discovered many things in the Auckland area to keep your days filled with activities and sightes you enjoy. I certainly wouldn't encourage you to cut your visit to the Auckland area short......looks like you might run out of time!

However, that you mention overnights in other places, which indicates that your research agree's with our comments about a few days and Auckland itself is more than enough. You'll see that places like Parnell and Devonport are enjoyable, though quickie visits.

Someone else commented that they thought Rotorua was too touristy. While I'm a person who generally stays away from overly touristy places......especially restaurants....and prefers to see places that the natives enjoy, I have to disagree with the comment about Rotorua. Yes, Rotorua does attract a lot of tourists.....but that's because it's so interesting! I wouldn't take a first trip to Rome and miss the Vatican, skip the Louvre in Paris, avoid Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona or not see the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns just because there will be other visiters there too. It's one thing to stay away from what I would consider manufactured tourist experiences than it is to stay away from places that are just awesome sights to behold. I would keep Rotorua on the next visit to NZ list, and I would add Napier, NZ to that list as well, if you're a lover of architecture.

Best, Candice NYC