Subject: Sydney, New Year's Eve
HI Barbara,

Many thanks for the info. I had heard that one needs to have tickets to get into the Rocks area to see the fireworks. Is this not true? Maybe I could get them from the hotel concierge? Though to be honest, we hate being crammed into large crowds, so my plan is to have dinner at a restaurant in the Rocks and then view the fireworks from our hotel. As of now, I'm having a very difficult time getting a room with a harbour view.(I wish I had made a booking months ago! aarrgh!!) Right now I'm on a waitlist for both the Shangri-La and the Four Seasons. I do have a confirmed booking at the Marriott, though unfortunately not w/ a Harbour view (again, on the waitlist). However, as I understand it, the Marriott has a good view of Circular Quay from it's rooftop bar, so it actually might be more fun to view it from there with a few hundred people rather than from the street level with a few thousand! Any thoughts or comments on that? BTW, where exactly is the Forecourt?

Thanks, Candice NYC