Subject: Re: Back from Egypt
Hi Megan,

thanks for your kind words !

When I thought of writing a Back from Egypt post, I wasnīt thinking as much on explaining the places we had visited or giving out recommendations (I cannot recommend many places, because we didnīt have a lot of free time, although I can say that I have found that the Rough Guide is pretty good).

I was thinking more of people who might have been wondering about going, but that safety issues had kept them away from this beautiful country. We didnīt meet any big group of Americans (only small ones, mostly people travelling on their own with their own guides), but apart of a couple of vendors, I havenīt seen animosity. Also, Spain and Italy were members of the coalition, and believe me, everybody was really nice to us, and it was a delightful experience. Of course, I cannot say what could happen if someone arrives there in an extremely high patriot mood ... I donīt think you have to say that you are canadian, but I wouldnīt walk in a Master of the Universe way.

I am sorry if someone feels hurt by my words, but Iīd like to tell them that we travel to open our minds. On our last night, sitting by the Nile, we had a long chat with our two local guides, by that time our friends. We had been careful not to bring up any sensitive subject (one couple in the group had a friend who had died on 9/11, and more or less everybody had friends in the States). The anniversary was very near, and they began to tell us about that day. Both of them were genuinely concerned, shocked. Ahmed had been in Philae with a group from Bilbao, and his mum had called him to tell him about the towers. He said that he couldnīt believe it, and suddenly everybody in the group began to get calls from home telling them. He ended up the day bringing the people to a christian church in Aswan, so that they could pray there for the dead.

I donīt know if the people in America realize that during those days there was such a big upsurge of feeling towards them, across the whole world. Something that it has gone away afterwards, and you should have been able to keep.

Well, I stop here my ranting, and the only thing I can say is : if you want to go to Egypt, go now, and enjoy it !

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain