Subject: Re: Italy Advice: Golfo Tigullio
HI Jennifer,

I've come into this thread late, so please excuse if I'm not giving you the information you really want. For picturesque sites for your paintings, there's not many bad places in Tuscany. Siena might be the best place as it's the largest city and the central area where the Palio is held is lovely and all over the city are plaques with the 17 districts proudly displayed. We stayed outside the walls of Siena in a fantastic hotel called Certosa de Maggione. It was a monestary built in the 12th century and turned into a hotel about 20+ years ago. It's gorgeous countryside and the hotel has their own rose gardens, grape orchards and berry plants. Standing by the rosebushes and looking at the open views of the Tuscan Hills was a sight I'll never forget.

The hotel has less than 20 rooms and each one is unique. The one we stayed in had it's own walled in garden. Another room had the most incredible bathroom I have ever seen......there was a staircase in the middle of it which led up to a dressing table.

Another very picturesque town would be San Gimingano with all the towers surrounding it.

However, Tuscany is landlocked and I don't see how day trips to the coast would be easy or convenient.

Best, Candice NYC