Subject: Far & Wide Bankruptcy
Sandy, if you paid for your trip with a credit card, just ask to have the amount refunded. If not, did you purchase trip cancellation insurance. If so, you should be covered for default, unless you purchased Far & Wide's own insurance. In that case, there is no coverage for their 'default'. But first contact the travel agent who made the reservation. They have been getting messages from many other tour operators who are making offers to help travelers caught in this problem, by allowing them to book a similar trip with their company, often crediting them for the deposit they have made. Your travel agent should have this information for you. Some of those companies are Brendan Tours, CIE, Globus & Cosmos, Trafalgar, Insight, Tauck Tours and Tourism Ireland. Globus has an 800 number just for this situation. 800 372 1761. But start with your travel agent.

Good luck, and please let other Ziners know how you come out.