Subject: New member from Houston's travels in Mexico
Hi, Gail,

I have friends who have lived in San Miguel de Allende for 30 years. I drive down to visit them about once a year. Usually take a car. The roads in Mexico are very good now and the border is just seven hours from Houston. I sometimes drive to Mexico City, Guanajuato, Real de Catorce, or Matajuala on the trip to San Miguel. Last time, I went about seven hours east from Queretero to Xilitila to see the gardens of an eccentric Englishman Edward James. The gardens are constructed like a Hobbit village built into a tropical jungle. And the jungle is taking over the buildings. Beautiful and very interesting.

Have flown down to resorts on the Gulf and Pacific sides. My favorite is Isla Mujeres, a quiet island off the coast from Cancun. About a 40 minute ferry ride from the mainland.

Regards, Jim McClure Houston, TX