Subject: Re: Buying French Train Tickets on Line
Hi Mark, I did this very thing this past Spring and printed the tickets off on my printer. You have to select France as your country of origin. I don't think buying online works on the English version of the web site (at least it didn't when I tried in Spring), so you will need to be able to figure out the French selections. Go through your menu options to select your tickets/times/prices. Then you will get a selection on how you would like to have them delivered. At this point for mine I selected Imprimer votre billet vous-mÍme pour gagner du temps (print your tickets yourself to save time). The instructions say you must print on A4 paper, which I think is slightly smaller than U.S. letter size, but I did letter and it worked fine. It prints out a ticket with bar code. You will need to bring the credit card you used to buy your tickets, as well as a valid ID with you to use these tickets. I found it to be very easy, and yes, much cheaper than Rail Europe. Just be sure to make a note of which tickets are non refundable.

Jennifer in Virginia