Subject: Italy Advice; Tuscany and the Coast
Candice, Thank you for the great hotel referral. I will definitely look them up as it sounds heavenly!! I am honing in on a couple of areas for Toscana. The Chianti area looks lovely of course, the area between Florence and Siena. I don't know much about places that are a bit farther up to the north or west that might be closer to the CT/Liguirian coast. I've read that Lucca is a lovely town, but the area around it is more industrial. My understanding is that Tuscany's western border is flanked by the Mediterrenan. I went to and charted a drive from Siena to Levanto, and the driving time was 2h 40 minutes. Does anyone know if this sounds accurate? If so, we will have a car, so anything under 3 hours would be okay for a day trip, though the shorter the better, of course.

Jennifer in Virginia