Subject: Re: Driving in Chile Lake District

Thank you. That is exactly the information I am looking for. Your three day trip sounds like another good option. We are going for a huge travel day. We are going to fly from Arica (Northern Chile) to Puerto Montt and then drive to Villarica. We're getting into Puerto Montt around 1pm so I think we'll make Villarica by 5-6pm. I'm glad to know that Ruta 5 is 4 lanes which will help. Originally we were going to spend the night in Puerto Varas but realized we would be on the move every other day so we decided to one huge travel day. Hopefully we won't regret it.

We may take the backroads on the trip back to Puerto Varas where we plan to stay before leaving for Patagonia. Your information will give me another route to look at on the trip back.

Thanks again, John.

Marta Washington State USA