Subject: Re: Buying French Train Tickets on Line
Hi Sandy, You have to get pretty far into the process, after you fill in your name and address, to see the secure server notice, but yes, it is secure. When I did it I just filled in my name and my home address and phone, (but you may still need to leave the country as France-- I can't remember what I did there). When you get to the next screen you select which type of credit card you will use. On this screen it says Après avoir choisi votre carte de paiement, vous allez effectuer un paiement en ligne avec une transaction entièrement sécurisée. Basically, after you make your credit card selection, you will be taken to a secure server to enter your credit card number.

One note about printing your own tickets. While it all worked fine for me top print online, it may be just as easy to pick them up in the various stations France when you get there. That way you have one less document to keep track of. Just make sure you bring the same credit card you used to purchase. The advantage of the pre- printed ticket is that you can just hop on your train without waiting in line, which is nice.

Best Wishes, Jennifer in Virginia