Subject: Re: Far & Wide Bankruptcy

I was just too overwhelmed at work on Thurs to post info about Far & Wide's bankruptcy, but they are indeed gone.

Some of the entities within the umbrella group are trying to recoup & stay alive; Swain is the major player in this plan. It's hard to know if this will be successful.

As Rosemary says, first step is to contact your agent. And if you used a credit card, go thru the process to deny the charge. If you have 3rd-party insurance which would cover supplier default, your funds will be protected. If you purchased the waiver-type policy from the tour provider, it won't do you a bit of good in this instance. Far & Wide was a member of US Tour Operators Assn, but the funds available to assist consumers in an bankruptcy such as this won't cover the potential losses. A friend has $300,000 tied up in deposits for a group with one of F & W's members & is likely to lose it all.

No one in the industry saw this one coming & I'm not sure how anyone could have known, since the company was privately held.

Gail In Eugene