Subject: Re: Italy-Greece Ferries
Elizabeth, I read your message with much interest and was sorry to see your comment about Santorini. You said Santorini was glorious. We will never return there # it might not be so perfect next time, and we wouldn't want to have our wonderful memories spoiled in any way. We were in Santorini in the mid-80s and it was very special. We were welcomed into the home of a Greek family - they spoke no English, we spoke no Greek and we managed to get along and find our way around the island. I remember a wonderful cafe that served great coffee which I drank to the music of Mozart after stopping in at a carpet factory. That was so long ago and I have fond memories of Santorino. It was glorious then, and you write that it is glorious now. I may find it different now if I visit, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting. So, don't discount Santorini in the future. The Greeks, as most of us, have an amazing way of hanging on to the past. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching, but you can always find it. That's why we travel. Lucy