Subject: Re: Mexico
Hi John (our mexico expert!) and my fellow Ziners.

We just finalised flights for this long awaited trip and will arrive Puerto Vallarta Feb. 28th. We've booked Los Cuatro Vientos in PV for 4 nights (Thanks again Pat for the recommendation) and will then move to Guadalajara.
>From there we are considering Morelia (with a side trip to Patzcuara or should we be also staying in Patzcuaro?) on to Queretaro, then San Miguel, followed by Guanuato and back to Guadalajara for our final night and flight home.

First, does this sound reasonable in terms of bus transportation and time- once we leave Puerto Vallarta, we have 14 nights-.?

Second, are there certain cities that you would recommend staying longer than others? We were thinking maybe 4 nights in Guadalajara for example.

And, third, of course is accomodation. John, I have your suggestions for San Miguel and Queretaro but any others would be great. Also any way of contacting Hotel Meson del Obispado before arrival - we don't think we're brave enough to arrive without a reservation.

Later, I'd love to get some more ideas on must sees etc. but this is a start and quite a lot to ask I know.

Any help is very, very appreciated

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC