Subject: About 4 Hours from Prague?
Hi Ziners,

We're planning on going to Prague next spring for four days and we'd like to visit another city making the total trip about 9 days. It doesn't matter in which order we visit the cities.

I'm looking for suggestions on another city to visit on that trip that's not more than about a 4 hour train ride to/from Prague as well as a route that doesn't require us making train changes. We'll want to fly into one city and then fly home from the other. There might be a chance that we could get a free air stop on our plane tickets, so that's a possibility as well.

I know that many people couple Prague and Budapest together in a visit, but I'm not sure Budapest is at the top of my list. I'm thinking of places like perhaps, Amsterdam, Vienna,..........?

Also, can anyone recommend a train site that easily shows this information?

Thanks, Candice NYC