Subject: Copenhagen information
Hi, Joanna -

I do know where the Hotel du Nord is, and I would say it is safe. It is one of the many old hotels near the central train station which have been vastly improved and upgraded over the last 20 years or so. The area is very convenient to everything you want in Copenhagen - museums, shopping, the train station, restaurants and so on. (The train station itself has undergone a tremendous facelift and rehabilitation in the past couple of decades.)

If you have time to do one museum only, make it the National Museum. If you have time for two, be sure to see the Carlsberg Glyptothek (quite near the hotel.) If you have time to go out of town, take the local train to the Louisiana Museum (if there is a major exhibition going on, you will probably be able to buy a combination train-museum ticket at the station.)

For an expensive but excellent dinner, try the Copenhagen Corner restaurant; for the best inexpensive food in Copenhagen, either buy hotdogs (polser) from the street vendors, or buy a couple of open-face sandwiches from the shop across from the train station.

In November it gets dark VERY early in Copenhagen, but the tradeoff is that the holiday lights go on from about November 1, making everything very festive.


Julie in Seattle