Subject: Re: Cheaper Yucatan Hotels
Hi Marguerite,

Yes I have stayed in quite a few budget hotels in Mexico. However, these establishments rarely (if ever) have websites or even e-mail. They generally are geared towards working-class Mexicans travelers. And the condition of these hotels can vary considerably. When we are using this type of hotel we always arrive at our destination as early as possible, head directly to the zócalo (main plaza), orient ourselves with the map in our guide book, plan a route based on the hotel selections from the guide book (this is done before arrival), then begin checking the various hotels. The desk clerks are always happy to let you see the rooms. Alternatively, you can also use the Travel Information Office to help you. But you'll still have to do the leg work to determine whether you like the property. If we are arriving after an arduous day of travel we'll splurge, pay more and have a reservation.

In Mérida we stayed here and were quite pleased with it.

Here are some Yucatan listings:

John in San Diego