Subject: Re: Munich Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets usually sell a wonderful array of Christmas decorations and tree ornaments (the finest thing are of course expensive), plus typical season food. The street vendors will give you some makeshift packing, but they'll probably lack the time and stuff to pack goods for shipping. If you're taking fraglie things home in your baggage, wrap them with air bubble plastic and your clothing, and put them in your hand baggage only to avoid rough handling. If you plan to have them shipped, there are some companies like Mail Boxes Etc. which do very good packages for a fee and can also arrange the shipping. Be aware if your goods are shipped, you'll have to pay Customs duties upon arrival in the USA.
>From a professional, the secret of safe paking of fragile object is to keep them suspended, i.e. avoiding contact with either any external side of packing and other fragile ojects, and using a rigid external container. Hard carboard on the outside, plenty of bubble wrap or plastic chips inside. Have a nice trip

Paolo Trieste, Italy