Subject: Re: Advice on Lyon and Marseille
Mark, I absolutely second Graziella opinon on Lyon. We travel to France once or twice a year and have many friends in both Paris and Lyon. Lyon to me is the Petite Paris (not Bucharest). A big city with a down home feeling. The layout of the city (like Paris) between two rivers is spectacular and the old city is across the river guarded by the cliffs were a magnificant church awaits your exploration. Look closely at the mosaic tiles. The vast number and beauty will astound you. The old ville is quaint and very touristy but has some of the best dining in all of the world at reasonable prices. The centre island is easily walkable and has all of the museums and other places and fashion shopping. North on the Isle is an area of town known for the Canuts (silk makers) a great tour for the factories and great buys on silk scarves. Lyon is easy to get to by plane, train and auto and I have done all three in and out. Avignon is not far from Lyon, 3+ hours, but that can turn into a day if stop at any of the Rhone valley wineries that line the river or the valhala(sp) chocolate factory or the merinage factory.... well, enough said. Lyon is my favorite city in France, besides my love! (Paris)


P.S. Did I mention the antique auto meusum, a taxi ride away or that Lyon is the home to the famous Paul Bosce restaurant or that Lyon is the home to the invention of the modern day cinema.