Subject: Hotel in Mexico City
Hi John, thank you very much for your reply.:-) I was looking forward to get your imput.

We made reservations in the Majestic Hotel, got an excellent corporate rate and understand what you told me about the rooms. We hope to get the Zocalo rooms because we do not mind waking up early...and may be following sleep again.I have saved all the information you sent me earlier. I guess we are going to go to Oaxaca after Mexico City.

Any information will be more than welcome. We are planning to take buses and make one stop on our way down and one on our way up. When I say stop I mean staying a day or two in each. What would be your ideal itinerary? How many days in Oaxaca?

We bought the air tickets today flying in on Oct 22 coming back on Nov 6 which is two full weeks. The tickets price went down a little, with taxes to $312 each, which doesn't seem a good deal in comparison with the tickets to Europe. We are flying non-stop Mexicana's air bus.

I am all ears. Thank you again John.

Graziella, Miami Beach