Subject: Re: Hotel in Mexico City
Dear John and all, thank you so very much....for your concern and for all your previous postings regarding Mexico. I have being reading them again and again.

Alleluia.!!...Good news.... I got everything under control, as you guessed right we are going the next day after our arrival to Oaxaca, 6 hs.!! we'll look for one of those super super buses, staying 5 nights at the B&B Las Bugambilias, they have a room with terrace, breakfast and taxes for $800 pesos. (less than $80)

Then leaving by bus, hopefully around midday to Puebla for 5/6 nights there at Hotel Colonial, $52 with tax, then 3 to 4 nights at the Majestic again in Mexico City.

How did I do? Hope you approve.

It was a miracle to get the room at Hotel Colonial in Puebla during the Dia de los Muertos, it happened firstly I got an e mail from the General Manager saying they were totally full. I answered thanking her and asking her advice where to find a room. A few hours later I got a reservation number.

Someone cancelled and she made the reservation for us. Only then I send her our credit card.

I am telling this little anecdote not only because I am very pleased but to encourage other Travelziners to try to communicate with the right person and wonderful things might happen with a little of human warmth.

I have to welcome back Linda and to thank her for promptly sending me the web site of The Bugambilias in Oaxaca even while she was feeling the jet is most likely that thanks to her rapid reply we got the room there. Do we need any other proof that TheTravelzine is great?

Graziella, Miami Beach.