Subject: Re: Mexican Bus Companies
Hi John and all, Thanks a lot for the bus inf., these UNO people (or the ones who sold me the tickets by phone through their web site) turned out to be very efficient.

Paying a small fee per ticket ($5) I bought the tickets for the first trip, this way I got good front seats. It works like the French Railway system, tickets can be picked up at the bus terminal up to half and hour before the bus leaves. (Have to present the same credit card + Passport)

I must say that the UNO looks terrific, lots of leg room, reclinable seats, a little bar for sodas, bathroom, and tv movies. i can live without the TV, I wonder what kind of movies they are going to show...:-(

So 6 hours it is from Mexico to Oaxaca !! Wow!!! it is almost like going to Europe or Buenos Aires. Again thank you John. Hasta la vista....!!!!

Graziella, Miami Beach.