Subject: Re: Mexican Bus Companies
Hi Graziella,

Remember that Mexico City has more than one bus station. Very similar to Paris and its different train stations. Logic would have it that the bus to Oaxaca would leave from the southern station. But please confirm the station from which it is leaving. I'm sure the Hotel Majestic will be able to help.

As for the movies on the bus they are usually pretty bad. Often they are American B-movies which were released straight to video and then often subtitled instead of dubbed. Plus the sound system is throughout the bus (not headphones). If you travel with a CD player and headphones that'll be a plus. Also, it is common for the Mexican travelers to keep their curtains pulled. Many will sleep and few seem to be interested in the scenery. Don't let that keep you from opening yours. You also might want to consider the first two seats on the opposite side of the bus from the driver. They have a better view as you can look straight ahead through the windshield as well as to the side. Sometimes, however, the legroom is less on these seats. You might want to check out the configuration on the ride down to Oaxaca and then try and select those seats for the return trip.

I'll have more info on sights before your departure. Don't hesitate to ask about any other specifics.

John in San Diego